Many people are afraid to hire an attorney. They think they will pay high fees. They believe they can perform the services themselves. Actually, with many types of lawsuits, there are no fees or expenses for you, the client. The attorney takes care of the fees and expenses for a percentage of the outcome if the client prevails.

There are fees for cases such as matrimonials, closings, and estates, but generally, the costs to hire an attorney are much less than the losses people may incur without one. Here are some reasons to hire an attorney:

Do one or more of the following apply to you?


  • Do you need a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement?
  • Can you no longer tolerate your spouse’s behavior?
  • Do you need a separation agreement?
  • Do you need a divorce?
  • Is your spouse paying ordered maintenance and/or child support?
  • Have you been charged with spousal or child abuse?
  • Do you want the abuse charge expunged from you record?


  • Have you been injured in a motor vehicle accident?
  • Is your no-fault carrier paying your lost wages amd medical bills on time?
  • Have you sustained a serious injury?
  • Is the other driver’s insurance company negotiating in good faith?
  • Do you have a medical provider who understands the concept of serious injury?
  • Is your medical provider referring you to the appropriate specialists?
  • Is your attorney in regular contact with you?
  • Do you feel that an offer or verdict is inadequate or unfair?
  • Is your attorney willing to appeal the verdict?
  • Do you feel that the attorney properly represented you?
  • Do you feel that your medical provider properly treated you?
  • Do you feel that your medical provider gave the risks and alternatives for your treatment?
  • Did your dentist properly treat you or your family?
  • Did your dentist timely refer you to a specialist?
  • Have you or your family recently been treated by any dental providers who have recently been in the news?